12 Volt Led Motorbike Spotlights Adventure Motorcycle Led Spot Lights for Bikes

  • Latest owl appearance design spotlights for adventure motorcycle
  • Comes in white / yellow color which can be controlled separated
  • High brightness led spotlights for motorbike
  • Wide voltage design suitable for various motorcycles
  • Waterproof design for harsh weather conditions
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These LED motorbike spotlights are the ultimate solution for enhanced visibility on your adventure ride. Designed to thrive in diverse conditions, these motorcycle led spot lights offer a brilliant illumination with high brightness, ensuring a safer journey. With a DC 9-80 volt compatibility, they’re suitable for various motorbike models. The sleek combination of white and yellow colors adds a modern touch to your bike’s aesthetics. Built to withstand the elements, these led spot lights for bikes are waterproof and exceptionally durable. Illuminate your path with confidence, whether on urban streets or adventurous terrains, and experience the difference these high-performance motorcycle LED spotlights bring to your motorbike journey.

Technical Parameters of Led Motorbike Spotlights

Working voltage DC 9-80 Volt
Light Bead CSP 3570
Power 20W
Measured Current 1.6A±0.2
Luminous Flux 8000LM
Light Color white+yellow
Lighting Mode white light/yellow light/white yellow light(separate control)
Light Type Spotlight
Waterproof Grade IP67
Working Life 50000 hours
Working Temperature -40°C-80°C
Application car/motorcycle/off-road vehicle/truck/forklift/ATV/engineering vehicle/boat
Product Weight 235g
Inner Box Size 10.5×6.5×6.8cm
Outer Box Size 37×23×35cm

Features of Motorcycle Led Spot Lights

High Brightness Motorcycle Led Spotlights

High Brightness

The motorcycle led spot lights provide exceptional brightness, ensuring improved visibility during nighttime rides and adverse weather conditions, enhancing your safety on the road.

Dual Color Motorcycle Led Spotlights

Dual Color

These LED motorcycle spotlights come equipped with a dual color feature, allowing you to switch between white and yellow light modes to adapt to different riding conditions and enhance visibility.

Waterproof Motorcycle Led Spotlights

Waterproof Design

Built with a waterproof housing, these motorbike led spotlights can withstand rain and moisture, providing reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions.

Motorcycle Led Auxiliary Lights Driving Safety Feature

Safety Enhancement

The spot lights for bikes feature a wide and focused beam pattern that illuminates a larger area ahead, ensuring you have a clear view of the road and potential obstacles.

Durable Construction Motorcycle Led Spotlights

Durable Construction

Manufacturing by high-quality materials, these spotlights are designed to withstand the rigors of motorcycle riding, offering long-lasting durability and performance.

Motorcycle Led Spotlights Easy Installation

Easy Installation

The spot lights are designed for easy installation on various motorcycle models, with straightforward wiring and mounting options to streamline the setup process.

Application of Led Motorbike Spotlights

  • Enhanced Visibility

    LED motorcycle spotlights provide increased visibility during low-light conditions or adverse weather, allowing riders to navigate safely on poorly lit roads.

  • Off-Road Adventures

    For riders who enjoy off-road adventures, LED spotlights serve as valuable tools to illuminate rugged terrains and trails, ensuring a clear path even in the darkest environments.

  • Night Riding

    Riding at night becomes more secure with LED spotlights, as they offer an extended range of visibility, making it easier to spot obstacles and potential hazards ahead.

  • Customization and Aesthetics

    LED motorbike spotlights allow riders to customize their bikes’ appearance, adding a touch of personal style. The different colors, beam patterns, and designs contribute to the bike’s overall aesthetics.

  • Long-Distance Travel

    Motorcycle LED spotlights are invaluable for long-distance travel, providing a focused beam that reaches farther down the road, helping riders identify obstacles and potential dangers ahead.

  • Group Rides

    When riding in groups, LED spotlights help other riders notice your presence, promoting safer group riding dynamics.

  • Emergency Situations

    In case of breakdowns or emergencies, the powerful illumination of LED spotlights assists in attracting attention from other motorists or pedestrians, enhancing safety during unexpected situations.

  • City Riding

    In urban settings, motorbike LED spot lights help riders stand out in traffic, making them more visible to other vehicles and pedestrians.

  • Security Purposes

    LED spotlights can deter potential thieves or vandals when parked, as their brightness draws attention and increases the likelihood of being noticed.

  • Showcasing Features

    LED spotlights for motorcycle can be used to highlight specific features of the motorcycle, such as logos, emblems, or customized parts, adding a unique flair to the bike’s appearance.

  • Touring and Cruising

    For riders who enjoy long cruises or touring, LED spotlights for motorbike offer consistent and reliable lighting, contributing to a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

  • Race Tracks

    On race tracks, LED spotlights may assist riders in illuminating specific sections of the track or signaling to other riders, contributing to better performance and safety.

Production Process

Production Process

  • Aluminum Ingot
  • Die-casting
  • Edging Blank Parts
  • Drilling and Tapping
  • Extruding Parts
  • Post Processing
  • Drilling
  • Side Tapping
  • Poking Blank
  • To bo Oxidized
  • Installation
  • Drive Power Board
  • Finished Products

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