Led Forklift Arc Safety Light Blue Red Exclusion Zone Lights Fork Truck Pedestrian Safety Lights

  • Led forklift arc safety light
  • Red / blue zone
  • DC 12V – 110V input voltage
  • Efficient heat dissipation
  • Suitable for forklift and AGV system
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Enhance workplace safety with our advanced LED forklift safety lights, featuring an innovative arc safety light design. With a wide input voltage range of 12-110V, these forklift exclusion zone lights provide versatility for various applications. Choose between blue and red zone options to suit your specific needs. Designed with a durable die-cast aluminum housing, these forklift proximity lights are built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments with the features of efficient heat dissipation. Suitable for Toyota, Nissan, Hyster etc most of forklifts as well as AGV systems, these forklift pedestrian safety lights offer a reliable solution to prevent accidents and create a secure work environment.

Technical Parameters of Led Forklift Pedestrian Safety Lights

Power 20 watt
Operating Voltage DC 12-110V
Line Type Arc
Waterproof rate IP65
Material die-cast aluminum housing
Size 11.9*7.3*4.8cm
Lumen 2000LM
Color Red/Blue
Operating temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Lifespan More than 50,000hrs

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Features of Led Forklift Arc Safety Light

high brightness forklift arc light

High Brightness

These led Forklift warning lights feature high intensity illumination, effectively prevent accidents in industrial environments, ensuring a secure and efficient operation.

forklift arc light

Forklift Arc Light

Special curved lens illuminate arc light with blue or red zone, good light angle, 4 lens in total, the light brightness is higher and the light output is more uniform.

forklift arc light input voltage

Wide Voltage Design

DC 12-110v wide voltage design, suitable for mainstream gasoline / electric forklift brands on the market, the original car circuit or the original car battery circuit can be used.

forklift arc light adjustable angel

Large Adjustable Angle

Split bracket design, 360° super large adjustable angle, can reasonably adjust the angle of irradiation on the ground according to the installation position to achieve the ideal effect.

forklift arc light cooling

Efficient Heat Dissipation

The thickened design of the die-cast aluminum housing has good heat dissipation performance, and can quickly dissipate excess heat, effectively prolonging the service life of the product.

forklift arc light application

Wide Application

The size of the forklift safety lights is small and easy to install, it is suitable for various brands of forklifts and AGC intelligent handling equipment.

Production Process

Production Process

  • Aluminum Ingot
  • Die-casting
  • Edging Blank Parts
  • Drilling and Tapping
  • Extruding Parts
  • Post Processing
  • Drilling
  • Side Tapping
  • Poking Blank
  • To bo Oxidized
  • Installation
  • Drive Power Board
  • Finished Products

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