Car H4 Mini Led Projector Headlights Y6 Mini Projector Lens H4 Led Bulb Motorcycle

  • H4 mini led projector lens for car and motorycle
  • High low beam 2 in one
  • 6500K Color temepreture
  • Left/right hand drive(LHD/RHD) available
  • Built-in fan and aluminum housing cooling
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Upgrade your vehicle’s lighting with our H4 mini LED projector headlights. Designed for motorcycles and cars, these mini projector H4 led bulb comes with high beam and low beam integrated, ensuring exceptional visibility on the road. The z-shaped cut-off line prevents blinding glare to oncoming traffic, enhancing safety. With high brightness and a waterproof design, these H4 mini LED projector lens performs well in various weather conditions. The integrated fan and aluminum housing guarantee efficient heat dissipation, ensuring prolonged lifespan. Upgrade your ride with the reliable performance, enhanced safety, and stylish illumination of our H4 mini LED projector lens for car and motorcycle.

Technical Parameters of Y6 H4 Mini Led Projector Headlights

Product H4 mini led projector headlights Y6
Voltage DC 9V-30V
Beam Modes High beam, low beam
Current High beam 1.8A±0.2A, Low beam: 1.8A±0.2A
Power 50W
Lumens 8000LM
Color 6500K
Cooling Method Built-in fan and aluminum housing
Driving Position LHD, RHD
Working Temperature -40°C+85°C
Lifespan 30,000 hours
Available Models H4
Application For car and motorcycle
Weight 572g/pair
Inner Box Size 21*14.5*6cm
Box gauge 20SET/box 44*31*32.5cm

Features of Mini Projector Lens H4

High Brightness Mini H4 Led Projector

High Brightness

Illuminate the road ahead with powerful and focused illumination. The high luminosity of our H4 mini LED projector headlights ensures exceptional visibility in various driving conditions, promoting safety.

Mini H4 Led Projector High Low Beam

High Low Beam Integration

Switch seamlessly between high and low beam modes, adapting to different lighting needs. This feature optimizes road visibility and minimizes glare for other drivers, enhancing nighttime driving safety.

Mini H4 Projector Z-Shaped Cut-Off Line

Blinding Glare Preventing

Our h4 led projector lens are designed to output with a precision-engineered Z-shaped cut-off line. This design effectively controls light distribution, preventing blinding glare for oncoming traffic while maximizing your view of the road.

Waterproof Mini H4 Led Projector

Waterproof Design

Conquer the elements without worry. The waterproof construction of our led mini projector h4 ensures consistent performance, regardless of rainy or wet conditions, enhancing the longevity of the product.

Mini H4 Projector

Instant Illumination

Experience instant lighting with no warm-up time. The LED technology in our projectors provides immediate full brightness as soon as you turn them on, improving response time during sudden changes in road conditions.

Mini H4 Projector Efficient Heat Dissipation

Efficient Heat Dissipation

Maintain optimal performance even during extended use. Our h4 mini led projector lens y6 feature a built-in fan and aluminum housing that effectively dissipate heat, preventing overheating and ensuring consistent illumination.

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